Currently commissions are taken through DeMontfort fine art but please get in touch with Jonathan who will point you in the right direction.

“Whether in oils or pencil I’m happy to oblige. Oil paintings generally start from 10″ x 8” in size and can go as large as your wall permits! Prices for oils on canvas start at around £2,000 (approx U.S.$2500).

Pencil sketches are extremely popular and make interesting and very personal gifts too.

A note about the value of my oil paintings.
I’ve found my prices steadily rising over the years and this is good news for clients who have already bought from me. It creates a realistic solid base value without peaks and troughs.

Rest assured no one is working harder than me to secure your investment in an original Jonathan Truss.

I’m proud of my association with one of the most respected fine art publishers DeMontfort Fine art and this I hope will be for the long term. In the last 5 years prices have doubled and in 5 years from now I sincerely hope they’ll do at least the same again. Naturally there are no guarantees, but the good news is that art has nearly always promised excellent returns. Especially in the long term.

There’s also good news for me, Wildlife art, growing in popularity seems to increase in valuewithout the artist dying!!

Commission giraffe

Commission giraffe