"Wish Upon a Star" - Original Oil on Canvas

Hope you like my latest painting. Again a bit of a departure from wildlife. I have always been interested in astronomy/cosmology and with the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon it has made me think about how our fragile earth looks in the vastness of space and how fragile all the life is on our humble "little old piece of rock"!

So what is a regular shooting star?

Well if you don't already know this "shooting stars" we normally see in the night sky are actually tiny meteorites glowing as they enter our atmosphere and start burning up, hence creating that bright sharp beam of light making it possible for us to see.

The name of the only real known shooting star is Mira; pronounced as My-rah, which means "wonderful" in Latin. What makes this star interesting is the fact that it travels at a super-sonic speed of 291000 miles/hour! The physics behind how it managed to get that high speed is possibly due to gravitational boosts from other passing stars over time.

 NASA says it has already released enough material to give rise to 3000 Earth-sized and 9 Jupiter sized planets over the last 30,000 years!

 In 2007 it was discovered that its tail is a whopping 13 light-years long!

So now ya know.. & so do I!

 "Wish Upon a Star’  60’’x40’’ Oil/Canvas

"Wish Upon a Star" Original oil on canvas

About JT

It’s so true that nature has already created its masterpiece and all an artist has to do is copy it. That said you need a natural love of your subject if you’re going to dedicate most of your life to painting it. I always tell me people paint what inspires you as that’s what I do, I still get exited every time I put a blank canvas on the easel.

Prior to being an artist JT was an artiste! This has been beneficial in his art career especially as guest artist aboard the fleets of Cunard and P&O as he has an almost unique talent of being able to paint whilst doing impersonations! His previous career saw him as a cabaret artiste, comedian and impersonator then went on to teach himself guitar, playing an incredible 1500 professional ‘gigs’! These days he has no interest in the guitar.. it’s all about the paintbrush!


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